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Leadership Keynote at Agile Tour Bangkok 2017

Our CEO, Maria Matarelli, is giving the closing keynote at the Agile Tour Bangkok 2017 Conference. The conference theme is Business Agility – The Journey of The Genuine Digital Transformation. Maria is presenting on “Ineffective Leadership” where she talks about 3 keys to ineffective leadership and how these techniques will be sure to bring out…

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Agile Marketing Training in Bangkok Thailand

Agile Marketing is a combination of cutting edge Agile development processes often used in software development as applied to marketing to create an iterative approach to achieving marketing and sales results. The fundamental Agile practices that lead to massive speed to market when applied to product development can also lead to massive increase in revenue…

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Certified ScrumMaster Training in India

At Formula Ink, we lead training classes around the world. One of our most requested training classes is the Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) class which teaches companies about the most commonly used Agile Framework that helps them do twice the work in half the time. Learn more about our training solutions here: http://formulaink.com/training

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Discover Agile from a Certified Scrum Trainer!

Maria Matarelli is a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) and travels the world on one-way tickets to work with organizations across a variety of industries to learn about their project management challenges, drive change, and uncover better ways to work. Agile is one of the fastest growing project management techniques being used by companies all over the world that…

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Tools for Online Collaboration with Distributed Teams

It can be challenging to work with a distributed team when planning and working on a project together. Enclosed are some resources that may help you collaborate with geographically separated team members. Please share other resources that you may use to collaborate with a distributed team in the comments. For Brainstorming, Prioritization, and Retrospectives: www.Stormboard.com www.Ideaboardz.com…

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Agile Marketing: Discover the Essentials

Have you ever wondered about how to apply Agile outside of IT? There are many benefits to using Agile that could lead to even greater results if leveraged in other departments throughout your business. We have been exploring ways to apply Agile outside of IT to areas that can really benefit a business: Marketing. What…

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